Construction of 70 Km pipeline from Basra to Al.Faw

Construction of 70 Km pipeline from Basra to Al.Faw (in Partnership with Qimmet Al Iqtidar Engineering Co.) for CPP China Civil works for this project accomplished by RAI Co. in partnership with Qimmet Al Iqtidar Co. includes: - Excavating a trench 3.00 m deep 2.50 m wide. - Bedding sand base of 20 mm thickness on the bottom of the trench - After placing the pipes inside the trench by CPP China, the pipeline covered by fine sand to 400 mm above pipes. - Placing an optical communication cable inside the trench and covering it with 200 mm thick sand layer. - Covering the trench with clean soil and making a compacted perm of 30 mm height above the natural grade. - Installing the required signs along the pipeline.

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